3mm Thickness DC 12V LED Strip PCB Line ( No need for radiator) DC 12V 24V 100W Constant Voltage Grow Light DIY Parts

DC 12V  LED Strip :

PCB Thickness:  3.0mm ( No need for heat sink)

Dimension:  590 x 28.5mm

Input Type: Constant Voltage

Input Voltage: DC 12V

Rated Current: 2.1A (25W)

Connectors: 2 Pairs Molex Original

Recommend Chain Quantity: ≤ 4pcs

LEDs: 80pcs  ( 72pcs White 3000k + 8pcs Red 660nm)


Model / Image / PCB Thickness / Dimension / Input Type / Input Voltage / Rated Current / Connectors / Daisy Chain Quantity

1. PCB Thickness ---The 2.0mm or 3.0mm PCB are all no need for the extra heat sink usually,  3.0mm thick PCB has very good performance on the temperature control.

2. Input Type --- The "Constant Voltage ( CV ) " solution is about 80% efficiency of the " Constant Current ( CC ) solution base on the same power (because CV solution need some extra resistors to fix the voltage and waste some power) ,  but the cost of CV power driver is much cheaper than CC power driver .   So if you care the efficiency more,  we recommend the CC solution,  if you care the cost and not very professional on this,  CV solution such as DC 12V / 24V is more simple and convenient.

3. Chain Quantity --- The recommended number of connections supported by one channel of power inputs. Excessive current will generate a lot of extra heat. Please increase the channel to get electricity directly from the power driver to get rid of this restriction.

PCB 整图.jpg

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