High Power 10w 20w 30w 50w 60w 70w 80w 100w COB LEDs

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High power COB 10w 20w 30w 50w 70w 80w 100w LEDs

COB LED Module with SMD 3030 LEDs, 2mm Thickness PCB. Price listed for 60w, contact us for other power options.

1) Product performance level of the photoelectric kernel's discretion

2) At all levels of the error between flux don't for plus or minus 10%

3) Main wavelength between error for at different levels, plus or minus 1 nm X, Y chromaticity coordinates

measurement error was plus or minus 0.015

4) Downstream at all levels of the error between voltage don't is +-0.05 V

5) The product should be used up after unpacking as soon as possible

6) If chip material for InGaN, when using, must pay attention to static electricity protective

7) Other precautions reference to "high power LED application note

8) Beyond this product to permit the use of conditions and output of any consequence range, the company is not liable


Precautions For use

(1) Storage

In order to aviod absorption of moisture it is recommended that the products are stored in

the dry box (or dessicator ) with a dessicant.Alternatively the following environment is


Storage temperature :5°C~30°C Humidity:60% HR max.

(2) Any mechanical force or any excess vibration should be avoied during the cooling

process after soldering.

(3) Components should not be mounted on distorted Printed Circuit Boards.

(4) Devices should not be used in any type of fluid such as water,oil,organic solvents etc.

When cleaning is required,IPA should be used.

(5) Devices should be soldered within 7 days after opening the moisture-proof packing.

(6) ESD Precautions.Static Electricity and surge damages LEDs.

It is recommended that wrist bands or anti-electrostatic gloves be used when handing the

LEDs.All devices,equipment and machinery should be properly grounded.

(7) It is recommended to use individual resistors when LEDs are used in parallel circuits in

order to improve performance.


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