DC 5V / 12V Low Voltage LED Retrofit Lamp Bulb LED Module 3W~24W Suitable for 3.7V Battery

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DC 5V / 12V Low Voltage LED Retrofit Lamp Bulb  LED Module 3W~24W Suitable for 3.7V Battery


Your Leading LED PCB Assembly Supplier in China

We've had great LED PCB assembly experiences with top LED chips to brand such as Cree, Luxeon, Osram, Samsung, LG, Seoul., etc. with end application such as directional, architectural, entertainment, horticulture, vehicle, and high-end portable applications. A lot of LED PCB assembly companies have difficulty placing many of the LEDs below, but our LED PCB assembly team has developed procedures to assemble all of these including:

Cree MC-E series

Cree MF-G2

Cree MH-B series

Cree MK-R series/MK-RS series

Cree ML-B series/ ML-C series

Cree MT-G series/ MT-G2 series

Cree MX-3 series/ MX-6 series

Cree XH-G series/ XH-P series/ XH-P2 series

Cree XP-E series/ XP-G3 series/XP-L high-intensity series/ XP-L2 series

Cree XQ-A series/XQ-E series/ XQ-E high-intensity series

Cree XR-C series

Cree XT-E series/ XT-E2 series

Cree XP-G/E/C/G2

Cree XTE

Cree XML / XML2

Cree XBD

Luxeon Rebel

LuxeonMNichia N219A / N219B

OsramOslon SSL

Seoul Z5P / Z5M

Samsung 3535

LEDEngin LZP (Cu only)

LG Innotek 3535

Luxeon-T (New)

Bridgelux SM4

In our daily consumer LED PCB assembly jobs, we also familiar with Taiwanese LED chips to brand such as Everlight, Lite-on, and local China mainland LED chips to brand such as Hongli. Our LED PCB Assembly team's engineer can assist you in selecting the most economical LED chips that fit your application.

LZ is trusted by thousands of electronic engineers on their LED PCB assembly projects, from consumer, led bulb to precisely medical LED light, we can help you from the beginning of design stage; From commercial flood LED to industrial high power LED , from automotive LED to military LED, Venture is the perfect place for your LED PCB assembly requirement.

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