5730 SMD Integrated PCB Printed Circuit Board Aluminum Plate Dimmable 10W 56mm

Dimmable 10W 56mm 5730 SMD PCB Integrated Driver Aluminum Plate LED Chip 220V
Voltage: AC220V
Wattage: 10W
Diameter: 56mm
Lumen: 80LM/W
LED Chip Type: SMD 5730
Light color: White, Warm White
Is Dimmable: Yes
Color temperature: 6000-6500K(White), 3000-3500K(Warm White)
Material: Aluminum plate

Integrated IC LED driver, can connect AC220V directly, no need soldering other LED transformer driver.
Integrated IC technology, no electrolytic capacitors and transformers.
High power factor >0.90, low total harmonic distortion <20%, high power conversion efficiency >90%
Suitable for DIY LED bulb, candle lamp, down lamp, ceiling lamp, etc.

How to use:
Paste in the heat sink, connect to AC220V directly.

No need driver, easy to use
Suitable for DIY LED bulb, candle lamp, down lamp, ceiling lamp, etc .

We have professional sales team and hardware engineers which are very experienced in LED PCB industry, will help us to understand your need and requirements to draw the circuits. 


The Applications of LED PCB Circuit Board


The Led benefits make LED printed circuit boards very desirable for a number of applications and industries. Some of the more prominent applications of Aluminum LED PCB Circuit Board include:


Telecom LED PCB: Telecommunications equipments often uses LED indicators and displays, and because of the surrounding machinery, the improved heat transfer ability of Aluminum LED PCB is extremely useful in this application. Improved durability and decreased weight also make these aluminum PCB LED quite desirable within telecommunications applications. Not only that, but Led Metal core PCBs are commonly used in other components of telecommunications equipment as well, including filtering appliances and high-frequency amplifiers.


Automotive LED PCB: You can also find Led Aluminum PCB Board in cars on indicators, in headlights and brake lights, and other applications. The durability, longevity and relatively low price makes these Led aluminum PCB ideal within the automotive industry. Their applications don’t end at LED either – aluminum PCBs are commonly used within electronic regulators and power controllers.


Computer Led PCB: LED displays and indicators are becoming increasingly common within computer applications, and the heat sensitivity of computer machinery makes Led PCB the ideal solution. In addition to LED applications, computer parts like power devices, floppy drives and CPU boards are commonly use aluminum LED PCBs because of their ability to handle and transfer heat.


Medical LED PCB: Lighting tools used in surgeries and medical examinations commonly use high-powered LED lights, and these LED lights often use aluminum PCBs. This is primarily due to the durability and heat transfer capabilities of aluminum PCB LEDs — this ensures medical equipment is functioning properly regardless of the number of patients cycling through a medical office. In addition to lighting tools, medical scanning technology often uses aluminum PCBs as well.


Led PCB Products : Led Tube , Outdoor LED advertising screen, LED Lamp, Waterproof Led , 1.5m Led and so on .


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