Epistar High Voltage 1W 6V 9V 18V 36V SMD 2835 LED Chip

The special higher forwarder voltage will help designing some special LED project on the power input. It will reduce the current to control the total power.


2835 6V 1W 110-115lm

2835 9V 1.5W 120-130lm

2835 9V 1.5W 130-140lm

2835 9V 0.3W 35-40lm

2835 9V 0.5W 65-70lm

2835 18V 0.5W 60-65lm

2835 18V 0.5W 65-70lm

2835 18V/36V 1W 110-120lm

2835 18V/36V 1W 120-130lm

SMD-2835-1-6000-9-4000K-3000K (1).jpg

40 毫秒