MR16 Aluminium PCB Board For LED CREE XR / Ledil LED Lens Compatible LED PCB Assembly


MR16 PCB for 3 LED CREE XR / Ledil LED Lens Compatible LED PCB Assembly

This MR16 MCPCB is an exclusive design and is manufactured by LED Mounting Bases Company. This printed circuit board with Aluminum base has been developped for Cree XR and it’s compatible Ledil.
The MR16-2W-3-CRE-XR-LDLC1036-S IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) allows you to quickly create your prototypes of LED modules based on CreeXR LED at reasonable price. With it’s high thermal conductivity of 2 W/mK , this printed circuit board is able to drain the heat of the LED components to he Aluminum base, which is ideal for LED lighting. This Metal Core PCB is manufactured with UL certified Aluminum substrates.


Compatible LEDCree XR
Number of LED3
Compatible LED LensLedil
MCPCB shapeMR16
Dimension40 mm
Thickness1.6 mm
MaterialAluminum Approved Material UL
Thermal Conductivity2 W/mK


Design your personalized LED modules.

At LED Mounting Bases we offer you a range of products and services to help you personalize your LED modules. Select your board, your LED, your LED lens, the power supply and make them assemble by us. This way you will have a professional and qualitative LED module within the best lead-time at a price under control and you will be able to test or integrate your LED modules in the best conditions.

Detailed Terms for PCB Assembly

QuantityPrototype&Low Volume PCB Assembly, from 1 Board to 250,is for specialty, but we can handle orders up to 1000.
Type of AssemblyTHD (Thru-Hole Device), SMT (Surface-Mount Technology), SMT & THD mixed, Double-sided SMT and THD assembly.
Solder TypeWater Soluble Solder Paste, Leaded and Lead-Free.
ComponentsPassives parts, smallest size 0201;
BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, and Leadless chips;
Fine Pitch to 0.8Mils;
BGA Repair and Reball; Part Removal and Replacement
Connectors and terminals.
Bare Board SizeSmallest: 0.25x0.25 Inches; Largest: 20x20 Inches.
File FormatsBill of Materials Gerber Files Pick-N-Place File(XYRS).
Type of ServiceTurn-Key, Partial Turn-Key or Consignment.
Component PackagingReels,cut tape,Tube and tray,Loose parts and bulk.
Turn TimeSame Day Service to 10 day service.
TestingX-ray Inspection
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
ICT (In-Circuit Test)/Functional Testing


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