Single - Die Chip Led Smd 10W CREE 5050 XLamp XM-L2 629 Lm 85°C ANSI Binning

SKU: XLamp XM-L2

10W CREE 5050 XLamp XM-L2 Highest-Performing, Commercially-Available, Single-Die LED

Delivering breakthrough lumen output and efficacy in the XM package, the XLamp® XM-L2 LED is the highest-performing, commercially-available, single-die LED. Built on the SC³ Technology Platform, the XLamp® XM-L2 LED delivers up to 20% more lumens and lumens-per-watt and double the lumens-per-dollar of the original XM-L. The XM-L2 LED offers the unique combination of high efficacy and high lumen output at high drive currents, delivering an unprecedented 1198 lumens at 116 lumens-per-watt efficacy at 3 A, 25°C.

Size5 x 5 mm
Maximum Drive Current (Standard)3 3 A
Max Power (W)10 W
Max Light Output (lm)1052 lm
Maximum Efficacy at Binning Conditions (lm/W)170 lm/W
Typical Forward Voltage2.85 V @ 700 mA
Viewing Angle125 °
Maximum ESD Withstand Voltage8000 V (HBM per Mil-Std-883D)
ESD ClassificationClass 2(HBM per Mil-Std-883D)
Reflow SolderableYes - JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
UL-RecognizedYes - Level 4 Enclosure Consideration


FEATURES • Available in white, 70-CRI white, 80-CRI white, 85-CRI white and 90-CRI white • ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins • Binned at 85 °C • Maximum drive current: 3000 mA • Low thermal resistance: 2.5 °C/W • Wide viewing angle: 125° • Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 ºC/85% RH • Reflow solderable - JEDEC J‑STD‑020C • Electrically neutral thermal path • RoHS and REACh compliant • UL® recognized component (E349212)

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